VALDOVINO, Fernando / Geologist.
Over 20 years of experience carrying out fieldwork, preparing and coordinating Environmental Studies and Audits all over Argentina in the sectors of Hydrocarbons, Electric and Hydroelectric Energy, Mining and Industry.

ALONSO, Elena / Mining Engineer.
Specialist in Environmental Assessment for the Mining Sector, with over 20 years of experience in research and mining.

BALBI, Adriana / Geologist.
Experience in Environmental Studies and Audits for the Oil, Gas and Energy sector.

BARBICH, Santiago / Degree in Anthropological Sciences, Archeologist.
Experience in anthropological surveys and archeo-logical studies and researches in different regions of Argentina.

BRUNSTEIN, Luisa / Civil Engineer.
Health and Safety Expert. Experience in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Auditing. Educational programming and preparation of environmental training courses.

CEJAS, Mario / Forestry Engineer.
Experience in forest resource management models. Planning, inventory making, and production of detailed vegetation maps.

CÓRDOBA, Marta / Economist.
Specializes in Environment and Society. With broad experience in the energy sector and in statistical surveys for baseline diagnosis.

ECHECHURI, Héctor / Architect.
Over 35 years of experience in environmental planning and management. Temporary consultant for the UNDP and UNEP. National Government Official of the Environmental Area and United Nations Official. Consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank on the assessment of infrastructure and urban development projects.

ESCUREDO, Julia / Agent.
Member of the Association of Administrative Business Agents of Buenos Aires City. Experience in Administrative Management and Environmental Logistics.

FOGUELMAN, Dina / Ecologist.
Over 30 years´experience in Ecosystems Studies and Management.

HURTADO, Alberto / Geologist.
Postgraduate studies in Hydrocarbons and Environment. With over 25 years' experience in environmental studies.

IRIBE, Andrés Alexis / Degree in Environmental Diagnosis and Management.
Specializes in Environmental Education and Management Programs. In charge of training Environmental Agents. Experience in Environmental and Social Baseline Reports. Field surveys for Environmental Reports.

LARRECHE, Eugenia / Advanced student of Environmental Diagnosis and Management.
Experience in socioeconomic studies for environmental reports.

MARCONI, Santiago / Environmental Engineer.
Postgraduate Degree in Environmental Protection, Health and Safety. Specializes in the Oil Industry and carries out fieldwork all over the country.

MONTES, Pablo / Biologist.
Experience in Environmental Assesments and Environmental Audits for petroleum and energetic projects. Flora and Fauna surveys and Biological reports.

PIEDRA BUENA, Carlos / PhD in History.
Degree in Political Science and Foreign Affairs. With solid experience in political and semantic analysis. Follow-up, projection and solutions to socio-political issues.


SANCHEZ, Sergio / Geologist.
Over 15 years of experience conducting field surveys, environmental studies and audits.

SANTOMAURO, Melina / Geologist
Experience in Environmental Studies and Audits for the Oil, Gas and Energy sector.

TERREU ROCHE, Iván / Environmental Engineer.
Environmental assesment leader, Environmental and Security inspec-tions, Environmental Audits and Monitoring.

TOGNETTI, Mariana / Lawyer.
Environmental Law Specialist. Consultant for Public and Private sectors, and International Agencies.

VALENTE, Miguel / Environmental Geologist.
Over 18 years of experience doing field surveys and desktop work related to environmental impact assessment and remediation.

WARTON, Daniel / Bachelor's degree in Environmental Managment.
Specializes in environmental management, field surveys and geo-referenced data edition.

ZANDUETA, M. Eugenia / Environmental Engineer.
Experience in Auditing and in Studies and Field Surveys for the Energy sector. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist.

ZERBONI, Ana María / Educator. Specialist in Health & Environmental Education Programs.
Over 25 years of experience in Urban Solid Waste Integral Management. Coordinates Health & Environmental Education Programs nationwide.

FORBERGER, Fabiana / Degree in Administration.
Specializes in management, coordination and administration of environmental reports, with over 18 years' experience.

VEGAS, Mónica / Bachelor's degree in Journalism.
Proofreader / Editor with broad experience the preparation of Environmental Reports. Internal Responsible of ISO 9001.

FERNANDEZ, Martín / Journalist.
Proofreader / Editor / Compiler of Environmental Reports. Controller and handler of personal protection elements, laboratory equipment and field surveys elements.

ALCÓN, Isabel / Geographic-Mathematical Technician.
Experience in making and editing cartography for environmental reports (AutoCad, ArcGIS, ArcView).

CEA, Lucila Belén / Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications.
Proofreader / Editor / Compiler of Environmental Reports.

SAAVEDRA, Daniela / Economist.
Business Management specialist with experience in the Commercial Area. Implementation of Information Systems (SAP 2006, SD module), and Quality Assurance Systems (ISO 9001).

ESCUREDO, Julia / Agent.
Member of the Association of Administrative Business Agents of Buenos Aires City. Experience in Administrative Management and Environmental Logistics..

HONORATO, Karina / Graphologist.
Accounting and administrative tasks. Experience in administration of agreements.

SAYES, Néstor Commercial expert.
Over ten years of experience in accounting and administrative tasks. Responsible for purchase and negotiation with suppliers.


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