We conduct work endeavoring to fully cover our clients’ requirements in terms of environmental management and impact assessment, especially for those human activities which represent a strong interaction with the environment. We perform customized and detailed analyses, according to the needs of each project.
These services include, among others, the following studies

Environmental Studies
Environmental Impact Studies
▪ Environmental Baseline Diagnoses
▪ Analyses of Environmental Liabilities
▪ Characterization of Contaminated Sites
▪ Risk Analyses
▪ Environmental Management Handbooks
▪ Environmental Feasibility Studies

Monitoring and Inspection
▪ Environmental Audits
▪ Environmental Supervision of Works
▪ Environmental Surveillance, Monitoring and Control
▪ Due Diligence Reports
▪ Phase I, II & III Audits
▪ Resource Monitoring

Environmental Management Plans
and Policies
▪ Environmental Management Plans
▪ Environmental Contingency Plans
▪ Advice and Preparation for Public Hearings
▪ Environmental Land-Use Plans
▪ Urban and Industrial Waste Management
▪ Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management
▪ Management of Protected Areas

Environmental Education and Communication
▪ Environmental Training Programs
▪ Courses
▪ Educational Handbooks
▪ Educational Centers
▪ Communication Plans
▪ Environmental Conservation Campaigns
▪ Guidance Programs
▪ Training and Supervision of Environmental Agents

Natural Resources
▪ Water-Quality Studies
▪ Natural Resources Inventory
▪ Biodiversity Conservation
▪ Hydrogeological Studies
▪ Paleontological and Archaeological Studies
▪ Conceptual and Mathematical Environmental Modeling
▪ Reforestation and Species Recovery

Engineering and Sanitation
▪ Sanitary Engineering
▪ Solid Waste Management Plans
▪ Final Disposal of Waste Studies
▪ Treatment of Liquid Effluents
▪ Treatment of Gaseous Emissions
▪ Mine Closure Plans
▪ Remediation


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